Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Sustainability of our business- 'Fun Mun The shakes station'

Sustainability of our business 

Initiated in the year 2015, Fun Mun the shakes station has stepped into its third successful year.

The journey is the clear symbol of hard work and efforts that were put in by the team. 
We, the young entrepreneurs of Cambridge wing, MAHARAJA AGARSAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL, ASHOK VIHAR feel proud that we have sustained our business from last three years and have a vision of sustaining it in years to come. 

Our team have always worked for 3 P's- Product, people and Profits. As a new year results in development and creation of new ideas and benchmarks, we have added two more Ps in our working domain this year that are 'Planet' and 'Progress'
We started our expedition with only 4 members and today are a team of 15. Beginning with 2-3 variety of shakes, we have now included a lot of yummy and appetizing flavors such as Butterscotch, Mango, Strawberry, Banana, etc. On special occasions, we put a special counter for offering different items like bhel puri, ice creams sandwiches, corns etc. we have also extended our business by putting up a brain games station where students play different games and are rewarded with shakes and corns. 

Fun Mun has always tried that no P should be sacrificed in order to focus on the other. So, a balance has always been maintained on all the 5 Ps

P1- Product- We all work in a team! Our team has one goal to achieve and to achieve it, we need to have a regular closer look at our products and raw materials. We all distribute work among ourselves for procurement of raw materials. We ensure that milk, fruits and nuts that we use are fresh. We also keep in mind that the flavors of products are balanced and there is no lack of nutrients to ensure that health component is never compromised. We keep on changing the variety and flavors according to the need and choices of the customers. We have added many more delicacies this year to attract customers- corn chaat, golgappas, oreo shakes, etc. We also try to work in a manner that there is no wastage of any kind.  

P2- People- A business cannot run without customers, so we ensure that our products are cost effective and are liked by our customers. For this, we take regular surveys to understand the expectations of our customers. We have also made many changes based on their feedback, the major change was reducing the cost of the shakes to attract more customers from lower grades too. We believe that to sustain our business in the long run, we need to accept the dynamic environment and keep our self flexible to adjust with it.  
The team- Our team keeps on changing every year, the seniors pass on the responsibility to juniors but making sure they are always there to guide and supervise them when the need arise. We have many sessions where the existing team sits with new members and discuss about our journey, vision and other domains of the business. With the responsibility, passes on an exposure to experience and learn. 
The team also ensures that while taking and delivering orders, we communicate in a way that our customers can understand us. We maintain our ethical conduct and a clean and hygienic workplace.

P3- ProfitsWe learnt that the path to profitability includes an emphasis on increasing revenue and reducing costs. We ensure that the profit we make is used for some noble cause like purchasing books for class library, donations etc. Also, we re-invest our profit in the business to sustain it further. 

We always keep on trying new ways to fetch in more and more profits. This year we put two special stalls- One promotion stall for parents on International Chocolate milkshake day where parents got to know about our business and product. 
The other was a HANDICRAFT stall on the occasion of Diwali, in which students painted Lakshmi and Ganesh Ji idols and Diyas to be put up for sale.
But, Maintaining profit was not an easy job. Punctuality, motivation and hard work were key words that helped us to sustain and we also got positive result which encouraged us.

P4- Planet- We cannot ignore the environment from where we are getting all the resources. To sensitize the students we took up various projects.
The first one was a recycling project in which old newspapers were brought by young learners & were changed into hand- made sheets at our recycling plant. the products made from those sheets were the sold and the collected money was invested in running our business.
The other project was a fight against air pollution. The students were given various challenge under this project like poster designing, poem composition etc. The winners got free shakes and corns to relish upon.

P5- Progress- To ensure progress for all, this year we integrated curriculum with our business. 

 We developed some hindi language contests like learning varn mala, barah khadi, reading short paragraphs with a time limit , clear pronunciation and good fluency. The winners were rewarded with free shakes and games.This connection was very well admired by the students & the teachers.
We are still working on raising the bar for attracting more customers by including  new topics and subjects to make it a better.

One of our team member Rakshit believes "There may be days when you earn profits or face off losses, but if you are determined to make it a success, you eventually will"

Thursday, 23 November 2017


We are delighted to inform you all that we were chosen as the Most Unique for the School Enterprise Challenge LOGO MINI-COMPETITION 2016 .
School Enterprise Challenge really enjoyed our logo design and rewarded our school with the certificate of 'MOST UNIQUE LOGO'.
This year also our logo is appreciated by all our the globe and received many likes and shares too.

Students Serving Respected Management Members

‘The difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is that little extra’
Students of Student Enterprise Challenge (SEC) moved one step extra in their endeavors by putting up Diwali stall.
Students of Cambridge wing painted and decorated Diyas and idols of Lakshmi Ganesh and put up a stall. Their stalls not only consisted display of their hardwork, skills and creativity but also they carried with them a message to appreciate the beauty of crafts of Indian veterans and respect for one’s motherland’s soil thus promoting Indian heritage and culture.

The currency which students received was not only notes and coins but sheer motivation and confidence to take up many such endeavors in future.

Profitability of our business- Fun Mun the Shakes Station

According to the words of a great management consultant Peter Ducker, ‘Profit for a company is like oxygen for a person, if you don’t have enough of it, you’re out of the game. But if you think your life is about breathing, you’re really missing something’

We, the young entrepreneurs of Fun mun the shakes station work for three  P’s- People, Product and Profits. We strongly believe that the third ‘P’ cannot be achieved if you do not work hard for the other two.

So the mantra which works for us is to strengthen our team and deliver best quality shakes which in turn gives us the two very important things- Satisfaction of our customers and PROFITS.

After many healthy group brainstorming sessions and surveys done with our customers, Fun Mun came up with policy set up which comprises of decisions regarding setting up of our vision; duties delegated for collecting orders, preparing shakes, calculating expenses, procurement of raw material etc. and where and how to use the profits.  

Our day starts with collecting the orders which usually takes place a day prior. After the collection of orders estimates are done regarding the purchasing of raw materials.
Our team mates sit together to calculate the cost involved in procurement of raw material.
When the shakes and corns are prepared, we keep in mind that no wastage is being done.
                                                      The orders are delivered by our two swift mates.   

At the end of the day, money collected is counted. Our mates Samarth and Pranay always ensure that everyday profit is calculated by deducting our expenses from the income of that particular day. They maintain the record of each and every thing.

We have expanded our business by setting up a brain games station along with the shakes station. The profit earned from this stall is also invested for running and maintenance of shakes station. The winners of the games in turn, gets shakes and corns as rewards. The interdependence of both the stalls motivates our team to work equally hard for both
The team gathers weekly to discuss about the targets for the next week. Changes required in  menu, ingredients and duties are discussed. Many a times, we do not fall on the same page which is often resolved with healthy discussions.
The days when the profits are high we pat each others’ back and when they are low we work hard for the next one. Many a times, we reward ourselves by relishing our own delicacies proving to be a great motivation for all of us.

We also do monthly surveys, by which we come to know the preferences of our customers, their view point about our station and the changes required to be done.

In our month-end meetings, we ensure that the changes suggested by our customers are done.
In order to keep up with the pace of other enterprises running in different schools and also to cater to different age groups, we have made several changes in our pricing policy over the years. The prices of the shakes which were earlier Rs. 20 have now been reduced to Rs. 10 which have resulted in attracting more customers from lower grades too.

Calculation of monthly profits are also done and decisions regarding where and how to use them are taken. Every month,we take aside the money we require for raw materials and try to come up with different ideas to  wisely use the rest of the money.
After the mutual consent of the team, the money is used for different purposes like donations, buying books for class library etc.

This year we have added new feather in our cap by coming up with new ideas to raise the capital of our business. We put up a special Diwali crafts stall in which hand painted Diyas and idols of Lakshmi Ganesh were sold. We have also started with newspaper collection week, where extra old newspapers were collected and sold to scrap collectors.The money was added as additional capital in our business. 

 Some bites from our team mates